Autumn Dairy in Chilliwack, BC

Autumn Dairy

Dairy Name: Autumn Dairy

Operator: Jason & Amy Herfst

Start Date: September 23rd, 2009

2 Astronaut A3 milking robots, 1 SF4 air compressor, 1 Juno 100 feed pusher

"We started robotic milking in the fall of 2009.  Being a young family, the Lely Astronaut has helped us free up time to spend with the kids and also have time for our own activities, so Jason never feels 'tied down' to milking.  He is able to be a successful herdsman and complete all the daily chores but never feels like he has to compromise family priorities to do so."


Jason & Amy Herfst
Autumn Dairy
Chilliwack, BC

Lely milking robot
Autumn dairy barn interior
Autumn Dairy barn interior and automatic feed pusher