Dairy Barn Exterior

Dairy Name: Fraser Edge Farms

Operator: Sid Stoker
Milking Cows: 110
Robot Start Date: July 2016
Equipment: 3 Lely Astronaut A4, 2 SF4+ air compressor, 1 Juno 150, Lely Calm calf feeder, Jamesway Dura-Chain Manure Scrapers, Jamesway Semi-Trans Piston Pump, Maximus ventilation control, Secco curtains, West Coast Stabling stalls & headlockers  


Dairy barn interior with lely robots and vector
Secco curtains on dairy barn
Lely A4 robot and dairy cows
Dairy barn interior with Lely Luna cow brush
West Coast Stabling headlockers and dairy cows
Maximus ventilation control
Jamesway manure scrapers and Lely Juno 150
Lely Calm calf feeder