Hiding Acres Farms

Dairy Name: Hiding Acres Farms
Operator: Henry and Laura Gisler

"We operate a dairy farm in the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia with our three children and long time herdsman. After forty years of successful tie-stall and parlor milking, in January 2010 we once again changed how we harvest milk, this time around with robotics.

This decision was not taken lightly as we had done our homework on the new technology. Lab our was not an issue to us; we were more interested in the ability to increase our precision farm management on a 24/7 basis.

We have always been cognizant of cows' bio-rhythms and their need for comfort; robotic milking has proven to be accommodating of those specific needs. We look forward to utilizing on-farm SCC, Fat and protein per cow per milking as BC is embarking on continuous daily quota. This will allow us to see which cows give us the highest return.

We have been extremely pleased with the correlation of the rumination monitor with the Lely QWES. The maintenance manual is step-by-step and easy for everyone to use. The quarter-based removal minimizes teat-end impact. The Lely MQC allows us to identify any mammary issues early on. We are delighted with the 3.5 milkings per day with minimal cow fetching.

It is a truly different way to manage our cows - we get to treat them as individuals again!

It has been a pleasure working with Brian Rodenburg and his team at West Coast Robotics. They have been knowledgeable and enthusiastic, helping this transition in our lives very rewarding!"

Henry & Laura Gisler
Hiding Acres Farms Ltd.
Glen Valley, BC