Lavender Farms

Dairy Name: Lavender Farms Ltd.

Operator: DR Vaandrager
Milking Cows: 140
Robot Start Date: May 7th, 2008
Equipment: 3 Lely Astronaut A3, 1 Vector Automatic Feeding System, 2 SF4 Air Compressor, Rumination Detection, 3 Luna Cow Brush, Juno 150 Feed Pusher, 1 Cosmix Feeder

"Since we started milking with our 2 Lely Robots in spring of 2008, we have seen a significant increase in production (14 percent), teat end issues are a thing of the past, and we are able to manage our fresh cows much more accurately by monitoring weight loss and time spent ruminating. Also our fresh animals, especially 2yr olds, have much less udder stress since they are getting milked more often. The boys at West Coast Robotics are a fun group of guys to work with, very knowledgeable about their product and 100 percent committed to making the system work great all of the time. We are extremely happy and satisfied with our Lely Astronaut milking system and are confident we installed the best milking system for our needs."

DR Vaandrager

Lavender Farms Ltd.
Abbotsford, BC