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Scraper-Boss (Jamesway) Troubleshooting

When a scraper system fails, we are used to it being due to a broken chain, seized corner wheel, or other mechanical problem. Almost always, something is jammed or broken and all you have to do is find it and fix it. Other times, the problem isn't as obvious, your system just keeps alarming out even though it seems fine. The good news is there is often a quick and easy fix.

The most common scraper control issues we solve on a call-out involves the moving sensors in one way or another. If your reoccurring alarm is Electrical Noise, Sensor Detection Error or Moving Sensor Error, read on.

The Short Version

These alarms are almost always caused by one or more of the following:

-A loose & slipping drive belt

-The moving sensors being misaligned, or too far from the flywheel

-Rodent damage to the sensor cables

The How & Why

To ensure your scraper is running properly, the ScraperBoss is monitoring movement via two movement sensors mounted behind the drive wheel of the gearbox. They are easy to spot: bright silver cylinders with blinking orange LEDs.

When the system is running, these blink in a rhythmic fashion and the control system knows the system is turning as expected. Sometimes the visual pattern looks fine, but the system is more sensitive than us and can still alarm. Other times it is clear one sensor isn't reading at all, or instead reading all of the time.

Since it is so sensitive, even a loose drive belt can cause this alarm. The belt slips, there is no sensor feedback and the system immediately stops & alarms. Again, since it is so sensitive, even minor cable damage can cause this alarm.

To solve this issue and avoid a call-out, first check or tighten your drive belt. Then line up your moving sensors to point exactly in the flywheel slots and 3/16" away. Finally, check the signal cables for mouse-chew or damage.

We are Here to Help

As usual, make sure to call the service line for support when working on your WCR equipment!

Written by: Andrew Kampen

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