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Cleaning the Milk Taxi

Cleaning the Milk Taxi

Clean milk taxi (am/pm)

1. Before feeding, take red hose identified as “milk taxi” and attach to “bucket spout”. Make sure there is a clean bucket under the spout.

2. After feeding, use hose to rinse out milk taxi vat inside and out as well as the cover with cold water, then drain out water (do not use hot water to rinse).

   a. Run pump and use wand to rinse out the vat and cover.

     i. This will also make sure the wand line gets rinsed out.

   b. Dump out rinse water.

3. Add hot water into the vat until above sensor (~30L)

   a. Add one cup of chemical.

     i. For even days, use detergent.

     ii. For odd days, use acid.


   b. Run pump and use wand to clean out the vat and cover.

     i. This will also make sure the wand line gets cleaned.

   c. Press the clean button  and let the wash run (8 min)

   d. Using a brush, scrub everywhere inside the vat and the cover.

     i. This is important to make sure we break down and clean the fat particles from the milk.

   e. Drain the dirty water.

   f. Clear built-up debris from the drain screen inside the vat.

   g. Rinse again the whole system (run the rinse through the wand) with cold water and drain water.

   h. Make sure no wash water is left in the wand.

4. ONLY WHEN USING WHOLE MILK – put milk from the bucket in the milk taxi and close lid.

   a. Discard whole milk when not using it in the mix.

5. Put the hose from the drain on the milk taxi and put the hose from the bucket spout to the drain line.

   a. You need to completely switch the 2 red hoses so that they get cleaned everyday.

6. Clean bucket using hot water and brush.

7. Rinse out the 3-way valve with hot water.

8. ONLY WHEN USING WHOLE MILK: press “cool”  on the milk taxi.

   a. This will prevent milk coming in from cheesing up throughout the day and keeping the milk at the proper temperature until pasteurization occurs.

Before you leave

- Always wash the milk taxi completely using chemical after every feed.

- Rinse the vat and the wand with water after the cleaning cycle.

- Clamp the wand back to the taxi (other wise milk will end up on the floor).

- Make sure taxi is plugged in and leave it turned on.

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