Spring Breeze Dairy

Dairy Name: Spring Breeze Dairy
Operator: Allen and Jim Kampman
Milking Cows: 135
Robot Start Date: February 2nd, 2009
Equipment: 3 Lely Astronaut, 2 SF4 Air Compressor, Rumination Detection, 3 Luna Cow Brush

“Dealing with West Coast Robotics has been a pleasure from the get go, and there have never been any issues that could and did not get resolved. Honesty and fairness seem to be the theme of the company. When Brian says 'I don't understand why everyone would not want to milk with robots' I would whole heartedly have to agree with him; it is exciting, challenging and rewarding. That being said, it is not perfect, but the mantra of Lely and West Coast Robotics appears to be 'we will strive to the best of our abilities to get it there.'”

Allen Kampman
Spring Breeze Dairy
Matsqui, BC