Dairy Name:  Suplesse Farms Ltd.
Operator:  Martin and Georgia Fluckiger and son Bruno
Milking Cows: 60
Robot Start Date:  November 10, 2008

Equipment: 1 Lely Astronaut, 1 SF4 Air Compressor,

2 Cosmix computer feeders, 2 Luna Cow Brush



“A new beginning came to our farm on November 10, 2008. It was the day we started our Astronaut A3 Robot. Since that day, our farming lives have changed dramatically, far beyond our expectations. The combination of the A3 robot, cosmix computer feeders, alley scrapers and calf feeder, has cut our labour from a four person job to one. With less labour, a reduction in feed costs, and an increase in production, and cow comfort, it has become very clear to us, that the A3 is the way to milk cows. The freedom for the cows to choose their own schedule has brought a calming and a high level of comfort to our herd. The willingness of the cows to go through the robot and the computer feeders is truly amazing. After only a short period of time, we now know more about our cows, than ever before. We now have time to spend with, and take care of our herd. West Coast Robotics can boast experience, dependability and the willingness to go the extra mile.”

The Flukiger’s
​Suplesse Farm Ltd

Agassiz, B.C Canada

Suplesse Farms

Lely A3 Robotic Milker