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Lely Juno 

Lely Juno 150 automatic feed pusher

Juno 150

Benefit from constant feed availability with less labour


With the introduction of the Lely Juno feed pusher, Lely provides you with the ultimate solution. Based on the proven technique of the Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner, the Lely Juno drives automatically over the feeding alley by following the feeding fence. It pushes the feed towards the fence as often as required without disturbing the cows. The Lely Juno is an easy to install, stand-alone machine which requires no additional facilities or modifications to your barn.

This makes it suitable for almost all types of farms. The Lely Juno contributes to the welfare of your herd by stimulating the cows to approach the feeding fence more often. The cows have a better roughage intake and the herd is calmer and more tranquil. Low ranked animals will now also have sufficient access to fresh feed. The Lely Juno in combination with the Lely Astronaut robotic milking system shows a more consistent visiting behavior to the robot day and night, resulting in even more efficient use of the Lely Astronaut.


Lely Juno 100 automatic feed pusher

Juno 100

The Lely Juno feed pusher will save you a lot of valuable time and give you the flexibility and freedom to devote your energy to other tasks, knowing all the time that your cows are being taken care of in the best way possible.

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