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Lely Vector Feeding System

Optimum flexibility – feeding without compromises


The Lely Vector keeps your cows fed by scanning the feed height at each group and making on-demand mixes when needed.  This way, your cows always get fresh, accurate mixes throughout the day, resulting in less waste and spoilage.


The system is completely adaptable to any farm and feeding program.  Feed types, rations, feed groups and feeding routes can be adjusted at any time.  


Filling the feed kitchen can happen at anytime throughout the day, and allows for 3 days' storage (at least), so the labour required to feed your cows decreases dramatically.     


To find out more, visit the official Lely Vector page HERE

Lely Juno Feed Pusher

24-hour operation and increased feed intake


It is well-known that continuous availability of fresh fodder results in increased dry matter intake and increased milk production. ​


The Lely Juno is an automatic feed pusher that runs along the feed fence at set intervals, 24 hours a day.  This insures that there is always feed available to your cows at all times of the day.  The Juno is a great investment that can quickly pay for itself with increased milk production, less fuel burned and less labour spent pushing feed with traditional means. 


To find out more, visit the official Lely Juno page HERE

Fresh feed multiple times a day |Easy to adapt and adjust to barn/herd changes | All-electric system saves on fuel costs | Accurate mixes & intelligent feed management means less waste


At a glance:

Lely Calm Calf Feeder

The best start for your calves


The Calm calf feeder offers the calves an outstanding start, while giving labour savings and many economic benefits.


The accurate and small portions spread over the day enhance substantially the development of the digestive organs of the calf, while feeding and monitoring 60 calves takes only 20 minutes per day with the Calm calf feeder.


The Calm calf feeder is an absolute must for each dairy farm that puts animal welfare at the top of its priority list


To find out more, visit the official Lely Calm page HERE

At a glance:

Keenan InTouch

Ensure a consistent mix for your herd


InTouch combines the latest in feed-management software, mixer wagon controller technology and skilled feeding specialists to work proactively with many types of farmers, ensuring the best in feeding accuracy and animal performance.


As well as helping to support dairy and beef farmers in the overall management of their herd, InTouch can quickly measure and communicate a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). These include loading and mixing accuracy, feed efficiency, dry-matter intakes, margin per cow, feed cost per liter and kilogram of daily live-weight gain.

To find out more, visit the official InTouch page HERE

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Holm & Laue Milk Taxi

The easy way of bucket feeding


Give your body a break; carrying heavy buckets is a thing in the past. The Milk Taxi performs the strenuous part of the job, which makes calf feeding fun again, for you and your employees. ​


Available in a variety of sizes and options, the Milk Taxi is a great way to help your calf-rearing program succeed.  It is easy for anyone to properly feed calves with accurate portions.  Available with electric drives, cooling systems and automatic pasteurisation units.


To find out more, visit the official Holme & Laue Milk Taxi page HERE


At a glance:

Healthy milk through pasteurisation | Easy to program feeding schedules | Easy to clean and maintain | Electric drive or towable models available to suit any farm size

AP Grain Systems

Flexible, low maintenance, and reliable


To keep installation and operating costs down, AP offers flexible, low maintenance and reliable feeding systems to accommodate the specific needs of any operation.​

Feed Storage

GSI has been continually improving steel storage manufacturing for over 40 years.

Feed Delivery

Flexible and adaptable, AP feed delivery systems are available in a variety of models to fit your specific requirements.

To find out more, visit the official AP page HERE

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Feeding Products

Gala Dairy_017_Large.jpg
Lely Calm calf feeder with dairy cow calves in a pen

At a glance:

24/7 operation insures that cows always have feed in reach | 2 models to allow for maximum flexibility | Easy to change routes to suit any barn layout | Eco-friendly electric motors

Easy to program & use by anyone | Able to expand & customize to suit any operation

Shorter breeding period for your calves | Remotely monitor performance from anywhere

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