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360 RAIN

360 RAIN gives producers control - control over moisture; control over application costs and manure management plans.

RAIN can provide the moisture your crop needs to thrive. At the same time, it can efficiently deliver nutrients directly to the root zone, and that includes manure.

Bringing irrigation to new regions

360 RAIN requires much lower volumes of water than traditional irrigation systems. Depending on field size, wells need to provide just 100 to 225 gallons per minute to the system. Plus, 360 RAIN can water irregular shaped fields that do not fit typical center pivot systems. The RAIN system also provides 100% field coverage - no special equipment needed to cover the corners that are typical to center pivot fields. 


A new concept with proven technology

360 RAIN is a three wheeled electric vehicle and uses field - proven components from the irrigation industry including tire and galvanized metal frame. Guidance is provided through RTK and communication through cellular network that provides the control, coverage and rate instructions.


For more info, visit the official 360 RAINpage HERE.

DJI_0414 - RAIN In-Field Sum23 - kms.jpg

Key features:

  • Lower water demands - operating on wells or reservoirs with 75% less flow capacity of traditional pivot system.

  • Efficient delivery of nutrients such as nitrogen, sulfur, boron and other micronutrients

  • Ability to work in irregular shaped fields where center pivots are not practical.

  • Variable rate nitrogen, water and micronutrients.

  • Seven - foot clearance under the frame, 10' under booms

IMG_0522 RAIN In-Feld Sum23 TG - kms.jpg

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