WCR Staff

Brian Rodenburg

Owner & General Manager

Co-founded WCR in 2008

Robotics & Automation Engineering Technologist

+12 years experience as Lely Service Engineer

Passionate collector of Betty Boop figurines

With WCR since 2013

Process & logistics specialist

Fluent in all 5 main languages of Star Trek

Jeff deGroot

Warehouse & Operations

Jesse Wheeler

Project Manager

With WCR since 2012

Web Design & Marketing

Trained Avionics Technician

3-time Winner of Chicago's 'Best Grilled-Cheese Sandwich'

With WCR since 2020

Also known as 'Milky Mitch'

Famous in Japan as the beloved 'Uncle Smiley' in the 90's hit sitcom '愚かな帽子'

Mitch McCormick

Account Manager

With WCR since unknown


Andrew Kampen

Feeding & Barn Products Product Specialist

With WCR since 2017

Degree in Farm Management Technologies from McGill

8 Years as a Dairy Adviser in the Ottawa Valley

Crippling fear of sideburns

Denis Langlois

FMS Specialist

With WCR since 2011

14 Years of Dairy Technician Experience

Electronic Engineering Technician

Proud director of 'ABBA Appreciation Association - BC Chapter'

Dallas Culpepper

Milking & Cooling

Product Specialist

With WCR since 2019

Degree in Advanced Basket Weaving & Applied Pattern Science

Matt deGroot

Milking & Cooling

With WCR since 2011

Over 15 years working in the dairy industry

Uncanny ability to determine a garment's thread count with only a glance

Doug Lennie

Warehouse Manager

With WCR since 2012

Bachelor of Applied Science, Bio Resource Engineering Professional Engineer Certificate; 20+ years of automation industry experience

Easily distracted by flashing lights

Scott Rutley

Project Coordinator & Technical Service

With WCR since 2021

Still owes the website guy $20

Wade Chivers

Feed & Barn Products

Service Technician

With WCR since 2020

Voted 'Most Handsome Picaroon', 2016-2018

Ben Steele

Milking & Cooling

Service Technician

With WCR since 2021

Ghost-writer of MTV's Teen Choice Award winning novel 'Unicorn Stepmom' 

Jason Jordan

Account Manager

With WCR since 2021

Mechanical Engineering & Material Sciences degrees
15 years of building automation experience. 5 years as an executive overseeing capital asset management.

Finds your lack of faith disturbing.

Ken McPhee

Sales & Service - Vancouver Island

With WCR since 2021

Ranked in the top 0.1% of players worldwide in Dance Dance Revolution 

Sherjit Dhadwal

Milking & Cooling
Service Technician

With WCR since 2021

Owner of Canada's oldest and most diverse ping-pong ball collection

Brayden Lund

Warehouse Assistant

With WCR since 2020

Spent 7 years in Italy as a Master Sommelier

Finds the concept of 'elbows' hilarious

Jordan Mcadie

Feeding & Barn Products

Service Technician

With WCR since 2021

Former Bataireacht (Irish stick fighting) national champion, 1998 - 2004

Frauke Bracht

Office Administrator

With WCR since 2018

May or may not be a Secret Agent.

Donna Rowat

Accounting Assistant

With WCR since 2018

CPA, CMA with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Worked in accounting for over 21 years

Makes a mean tuna casserole

Matthew Chesham

Director of Finance