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Lely Discovery 120 Collector

The Lely Discovery 120 Collector is a revolutionary manure robot designed
to clean solid barn floors. The machine collects the manure rather than
scraping it around the barn. This not only results in a cleaner floor, but also
prevents the cows from standing in manure up to their dew claws, as is the
case when a manure scraper is used.


Lely has over a decade of experience with mobile barn cleaners for slatted fl oors. With the introduction of the Collector Lely applies this experience to cleaning solid fl oors. Rather than pushing the manure forward, the Collector uses a vacuum pump to collect the manure in it’s tank. At the end of a route the Collector releases the manure above a dumping location.

To find out more, visit the official Lely Discovery page HERE

At a glance:

Intelligent cleaning without cow disturbance| No cables, gutters or corner wheels for a more secure cow environment | Front and rear water spraying for performance and safety | Easily added to existing facilities

Lely Discovery 90 Barn Cleaner

Your personal house keeper


Lely provides an intelligent solution for barn cleaning, which meets the growing need of dairy farmers for optimum hygiene in cow housing. The Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner features robot technology. Its flexibility and thoroughness ensure that the cow housing floor is kept as clean as possible. This guarantees maximum cow comfort and optimal hygiene​.


By using the Lely Discovery mobile barn cleaner you clean the manure alleys in your cow housing as often as you please, so that you create a floor for your cows that is constantly clean and dry. Manual cleaning is an intensive and none too pleasant job, and keeps the floor dry and clean for just a short time. 


To find out more, visit the official Lely Discovery page HERE

Lely Discovery Slatted Floor Barn Cleaner

At a glance:

Compact dimensions|Intelligent cleaning without cow disturbance| Economically cost-effective | Optimum cow comfort and hygiene | Option to spray water for better grip

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Jamesway Farm Equipment

Manure Handling Systems


Advanced product designs and a high quality network of dealers: these are the cornerstones upon which the Jamesway brand was built. As demands on agricultural machinery continue to increase, Jamesway has responded with more new “Next Generation” products than anyone else in the industry. Long known as the premiere brand of feeding equipment, Jamesway now offers the most extensive line of manure handling equipment in the world. Jamesway equipment is at work today in more than 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


To find out more, visit the official Jamesway page HERE

Jamesway Dura-Chain dairy barn alley manure scraper

Manure Handling

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