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West Coast Stabling

West Coast Stabling products are designed in Canada and built to last.  Products currently available include:


Feed Fronts

Available in 10' or 12' lengths 

Hiefer sizes available

Durable plastic contact points for quiet operation


Stall Dividers

Available in post, floor or rail mount

Sizes from calf to mature 

Easy to assemble and install



Adjustable & one-way spring gates


For project inquiries, please use our contact page or call 604-796-5532

DCC Waterbeds

The very best for your dairy cows​


Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds patented dual-chamber design provides invariable, stable cushion for cow descent each and every time she lies down. The water suspends the cow’s pressure points. The bed gently moves with her skin.

Cow comfort, cow comfort, and cow comfort are the top three priorities for dairy farmers. DCC Waterbeds provide superior comfort, on par with sand bedding, as well as save farmers time and money.


To find out more, visit the official DCC page HERE

DCC waterbed dairy cow products

EasyFix Rubber 

Quality -- The EasyFix Advantage


Based out of Galway, Ireland, the EasyFix team is commited to researching and designing solutions to meet the needs of their customers. Rigorous testing at EasyFix’s in-house lab ensures customers get the best quality product every time.


Products available include:


Stall dividers

Mattress mats

Slat rubber

Walkway flooring


To find out more, visit the official EasyFix page HERE

EasyFix rubber dairy cow stall dividers

Stabling Products

West Coast Stabling dairy barn products
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