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Maximus Controller

MAXIMUS is a state-of-the-art upgradable system for poultry, hog, and dairy farming. 

The MAXIMUS experience involves remotely and safely managing your facilities using your computer, your smart phone, or your tablet. MAXIMUS is the most reliable and multipurpose system on the market. It automates a large part of your company’s management. 

Our objective is to contribute to your company's performance with automation solutions that ensure the well-being of your animals and optimize your results. MAXIMUS is also designed to improve your environmental results, thanks to a more efficient use of your energy and resources. Our commitment is to offer technologically advanced solutions that fit your current and future needs. We want your experience to be pleasant and profitable. 

For more info, visit the official MAXIMUS page HERE.

Maximus controller in a dairy barn

At a glance:

Modular & upgradable to any size facility| Easy to program & use | User access control for biosecurity & safety practices | Control & monitor ventilation, lighting, feed storage, and much, much more

Secco Ventilation

Secco International Inc., is specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of ventilation systems for farm buildings.


By constantly developing new products, SECCO can offer you a complete line of ventilation products designed for all types of breedings. Over the years, SECCO has become a leader in natural ventilation systems intended for modern animal buildings. Our manufacturing plant is located in City of Biotechnology at St-Hyacinthe, Montérégie. Our state-of-the-art ventilation systems are sold throughout North America, Europe and Eastern Europe through specialized distributors.

All SECCO ventilation systems are designed and manufactured at our new plant in St-Hyacinthe. Our certified technicians as well as a stringent quality control will provide you with a top quality product, largely exceeding the industry’s standards.

For more info, visit the official Secco website HERE.

Secco tunnel fans in a dairy barn

Ventilation Systems

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