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Robotic milking machines

Robotic Dairy Farming

Embrace the future in dairy farming with the world's finest Lely Astronaut A4 Robotic Milking System

Lely Juno feed pushers

Automated Feed Pushing​

Ensure your herd always has feed with the Lely Juno Feed Pusher

Lely Discovery automatic slatted floor barn cleaner

Slatted Floor Barn Cleaning​

Slatted floor barn cleaning at it's finest with the Lely Discovery

Calf Feeding

Enjoy the ease of feeding your calves with the Lely Calm Calf Feeder

Lely Vector Automatic Cow Feeding System

Automatic Feeding

Feed your herd efficiently, accurately and strategically with the new Lely Vector

Automatic grain feeding

Grain Feeding On-demand

Give your herd the freedom of choice while you monitor their feed intake with the Lely Cosmix grain feeding system

Automatic cow heat detection

Heat Detection​

Take the guesswork out of your AI program with QWES-H Heat Detection

Lely Luna cow brush

Cow Comfort​

Give your investment the ultimate in comfort with the Lely Luna cow brush


Working in conjunction with the Lely Astronaut Robotic Milking System

Lely Walkway cow footbath


Maintain good claw health with the Lely Walkway

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