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Lely Calm

Lely Calm calf feeder

The best start for your calves


When a calf drinks from its mother, it usually drinks adequate portions spread over the day. However, in today’s dairy industry when a calf is fed manually, this is restricted to once or twice a day. This is why Lely has introduced the Lely Calm automatic calf feeder, which supplies the correct portion and concentration of feed spread over the day, resembling the natural behaviour of the calf. The Calm calf feeder offers the calves an outstanding start, while giving labour savings and many economic benefits. The accurate and small portions spread over the day enhance substantially the development of the digestive organs of the calf, while feeding and monitoring 60 calves takes only 20 minutes per day with the Calm calf feeder. The Calm calf feeder is an absolute must for each dairy farm that puts animal welfare at the top of its priority list.

For more information, call Brian: 604-997-1522

Visit the official Lely Calm website here

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