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Lely Walkway

Automatic Footbath System

Lely automatic footbath for dairy cows


Claw health is in the top 3 of health issues on any dairy farm.

It has consequences for fertility, production, feed intake, treatment costs etc.  Research done by the Cornell University concluded that on an average farm 20% of the cows are lame and that costs of lameness are in the range of 250 to 380 euro per cow. To prevent lameness we need to think of actions such as frequent hoof trimming (also refer to the Lely treatment box), a sufficient number of cubicles with good quality mats (Lely Compedes), well balanced rations (Lely Vector), clean floors (Lely Discovery) as well as hygiene (Lely Walkway). To ensure perfect hygiene and optimal claw health, regular hoof baths are essential. Optimal claw health on robot farms is also key to sufficient robot visits.

Lely automatic footbath for dairy cows

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