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Lely Cosmix

Automatic grain feeding system

The Lely Cosmix feeder provides accurate information about concentrate feed intake of cows.

Additional concentrate feeders are used to balance the ration for low and high yielding cows, or to distribute extra minerals to cows that require it. The Lely Cosmix is fully compatible with Lely’s Astronaut milking robots and is connected to Lely’s T4C management program. It allows regular concentrate feeding next to the concentrates supplied in the milking robot, stimulating a stable rumen pH. Moreover, it allows you to regulate the feeding based on milking times in order to stimulate cows to visit the robot even more often, by not providing them concentrate through the Cosmix when she needs to be milked.


Feeding cows individually is an acceptable way of managing the body condition score. By managing the supply of concentrate in this way, you will maximise general health, milk yield and fertility of your cows and improve milk/feed efficiency.

For more information, call Brian: 604-997-1522

Visit the official Lely Cosmix website here

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