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Lely Discovery

Lely Discovery slatted floor barn cleaning system

Cow housing hygiene and financial results


The well-being of milking cows, their health and milk quality are major factors for the financial results of your dairy business.  You ensure, in addition to providing sufficient water and high quality feed, an optimum every day climate for your cows. A quick disposal of manure may help greatly in achieving this objective. Moisture and manure on slatted barn floors are quite often a major source of infection for serious claw ailments. Cows that are suffering from a claw ailment produce less milk, encounter problems when walking and are not readily identified when in heat. In addition, moist accumulations of manure on slatted floors, especially when situated near the cubicles, are sources of contamination that affect milk quality directly. Clean udders and cubicles are primary conditions to avoid problems in terms of milk quality.

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