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Cow freestalls


• Open concept design resulting in elevated comfort levels.
• Greater space between the pipes to minimize headswing restrictions.
• Large lower opening does not interfere with curb hip when lying down,
bruising is prevented.
• Headrail installed at 48”, therefore cow does not damage top of shoulder
as she tries to stand.
• Maximizes forward mobility space.
• Plate mounted for increased strength and durability.
• Freestalls made of heavy duty 2 3/8”OD tube and hot dipped galvanized
for longevity.
• Fully adjustable neckrail and brisket bracket.
• Heavy duty 3 1/2” post with gusset for increased strength.
• Available in 79.5”, 85” & 94” lengths.
• Freestalls also available in calf and heifer models (1 5/8” OD pipe).

Cow laying in a freestall

For more information, call Brian: 604-997-1522

View the complete brochure here (PDF)

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