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Horizon's New Pairing Solution

As information can change over time, If you read this outside of 6 months from the original post date, please confirm with your WCR advisor that the information is still valid and accurate.

The Lely Horizon team has been working on improving security related to user connectivity with Lely Horizon. As a result, from version 4.10.1 a new pairing solution will be in effect that requires the consent of the administrator of the Horizon license. This aims to ensure that farmers are aware of and can effectively manage access to their farm data in a secure and transparent manner.  It is strongly recommended to repair devices using the new pairing solution.

New Pairing Solution Process

Step 1

To begin the process of connecting your mobile device with the Horizon system, navigate to the login page and click the "Pair this device" option

Step 2

After clicking on “pair this device” you will be directed to a screen displaying the necessary steps to follow.

  1. Open Horizon on the main desktop or server where it is installed.

  2. Navigate to 'Trusted Devices'. Manage -> Software -> Trusted Devices.

  3. Click start pairing and a code will appear.

Step 3

Step 4

Choose "Check code and pair." Accept the pairing request on your trusted devices, and you are now finished.

Important things to know:

  1. if a device had been previously paired via the manual pairing option, once they logout they will have to repair. At this time they can still repair manually. Or they could repair using the new pairing solution.

  2.  Once paired using the new pairing solution, there is no need to pair again when logging out.

  3.  Currently, you can start the pairing process from anywhere. Any users (depending on their role) can approve the pairing request. The approval has to be via the main computer where Horizon is installed. 4. Manual pairing is currently still available for the short term.

  4. To use manual pairing, click on "here" (shown in image below) to log in.

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