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Lely Horizon New Menu Structure

As information can change over time, If you read this outside of 6 months from the original post date, please confirm with your WCR advisor that the information is still valid and accurate.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improve user experience, we would like to inform you about an important change within Horizon. The new menu structure aims to streamline customers access to information for a more efficient experience and facilitates the presentation of data from Vector or Astronaut.

What will change?

Set up of the menu

The changes aim to provide users, with a more intuitive and organized structure grouped per theme.

Overviews per topic

With additional extra space, we can add more features in plain sight like the health treatment and reproduction analysis(coming soon).

New Hotkeys

Hotkeys make it easy to switch between pages or quickly search for a cow.

Benefits for the farmer

More intuitive structure

Resulting in easier access to dashboards, reports, analyses and manageable by theme and a different top and side bar to improve usability and user experience.

Focus on analysis per theme

Next to the main dashboard, additional dashboards will be added in 2024 to focus on a theme such as milking, health, feeding and repro.

Future proof

This upgrade is the first step in optimizing Horizon user friendliness for our customers; it will give more room for integrations and expansions with other Lely devices.

Lely Horizon Health Dashboard

Together with the introduction of the new menu structure, we will also introduce the first version of the health dashboard. This is the beginning of tapping into detailed health information.

What’s Inside the Health Dashboard

  1.  Easy-to-understand health-related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  2.  A widget that neatly presents health reports.

    1. This way you will always have your favorite health reports at hand

  3. A widget that offers insights into the health treatments and diagnoses on farm.

    1.  Gives good insight into the health treatments administered on your farm, and the most occurring diseases. The graph can be used alone, or together with the veterinary, to see what to focus on.

What is the Health Treatment Diagnoses?


On the health page you will see a snapshot of the five most common issues on a farm, based on the farmer’s input. To ensure good analysis, it is important that treatment plans are up to date and treatments are entered for cows. The widget compares the data of the previous 90 days, with the data of the previous year.

Detailed Analysis

Click into the analysis section for a deeper dive. Here, you’ll find a variety of options to check the health of the cows and spot common health issues on a farm. It’s all about making health management simpler!

As a farmer, you can choose from the following options:

1.Gain insights into your analyses based on

a.  Disease category

b. Disease name

c. Treatment plans

d. Lactation stage

e. Animal type

2. Filter the databases based on

a. Disease category

b. Disease

c. Treatment plan

3. Make selections in animal type and lactation state.

4. Click directly on the graph to identify which cows have been treated.

For more information or questions, contact your FMS Specialist

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