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That's so Greasy!

Growing up on a dairy farm as a kid my old man use to say, "If you have nothing to do, you can always pick up a grease gun and grease something". Now, usually that grease gun was empty 90%of the time, however, it introduced me to the concept that grease on a farm is vital to keep equipment from wearing out and breaking down prematurely.

Grease acts as a protective barrier, guarding metal surfaces against corrosion and rust, which is particularly important for equipment that operates in challenging weather conditions or is exposed to moisture. Grease also acts as lubrication which reduces friction, extending the life of the equipment.

There are some grease nipples that I have found that seem to get missed often, and I wanted to bring these locations to light.

  1. Grain bin unloader bearings. 1-2 squirts every 6-12 months.

  2. Blast fans bearings should be greased once a year or every 2000 hours.

  3. Manure scraper drive systems and cable drums should be greased regularly, especially in sand bedding barns as sand is very abrasive on manure equipment.

  4. New equipment. Sometimes newly acquired equipment might not be thoroughly checked for all grease points during initial use.

  5. Chains. Chains are another overlooked item that requires lubrication. Conveyors, hay elevators, and cable scraper drums.

One final note regarding grain bins. The next time you walk by your grain bin check to see if there is any grain/feed/manure packed around the feet of the bin as over time this can rust out the feet and could one day cause a bin to topple over - Not fun!

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