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Things to not do to your Juno.... ever!

  • Pressure wash!

When a technician hears the complaint "I pressure washed my Juno and now it won't do XYZ", we get shivers up and down our spine, and for good reason. Pressure washing your Juno, puts water where water shouldn't go, namely the electronics.

My old electronics instructor once said, "Once you let smoke out, there is no way to put the smoke back in." If the PCB board is under water and there are no back-ups on your tablet, the technicians are basically starting your Juno off as a factory reset machine and that means creating routes from scratch and many hours to do so.

So please, if you want to clean your Juno, use soapy water, and light spray from a garden hose and don't spray under the lid!

  • Using a skid steer or tractor to push or place a Juno onto the charger.

If a battery dies on a Juno, the best practice is to pull the battery and place it on a trickle charger for an hour or two to charge enough to be able to power the Juno up and put the Juno on a charge drive.

Placing or pushing the Juno up against the charger and hoping that will charge a battery won't cut it. The Juno needs to be powered on and a charge drive selected to have any hope of fully charging the Juno battery.

If you are ever in doubt, feel free to call our team at 1-866-601-5532! Press '2' to get a technician from the feeding department and we will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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