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You can do it put your backup to it!

This won't be as popular as your 1999 Ice Cube Hit song but nonetheless use the wise words of our techstroardinaire Andrew so you don't end up having to put your back into it.

T4C contains a lot of valuable data for your farm. It is important that it stays protected!

Things can go wrong for your T4C server in a few ways: computer hard drives can fail, viruses and malware can lock up your computer, or a thief could steal your computer. Without a T4C backup, any of these situations could result in a huge data loss. The worst-case scenario is you doing your start-up all over again. This is not a good situation!

The good news is T4C takes backups by default, and WCR takes this a step further and adds both a USB stick backup and a cloud backup to OneDrive. Having multiple backups might seem excessive, but it is important for two reasons:

1. Systems failing is why we take backups, so what happens if the backup failed too? Multiple backups increase your security.

2. More backups mean you often have backups to choose from. A more recent backup means less data loss.

So how do you know if your backups are working? What do you do about it if they aren’t?

T4C Backups

Here is how to quickly check that your OneDrive backups are working.

Check your attention list on the T4C Dashboard. When backups fail, you will see a warning here. Don’t ignore it!

If you don't know how to get the backup to work again, call your friendly service technician 1-866-601-5532

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