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Changing a Milk Filter

Changing a Milk Filter

Changing a Milk Filter

1. Gather necessary supplies.

   a. A new milk filter.

   b. Gloves

2. Prepare Workspace

   a. Make sure you are in a clean and well-lit area.

   b. Proper hygiene is crucial to avoid contamination.

3. Remove old filter

   a. Open the filter housing carefully, taking care not to spill any milk. Inside, you will find the old milk filter. Remove it, spray it with water and dispose it into garbage can.

4. Clean the housing

   a. Before inserting the new filter, inspect and clean the filter housing to remove any residue or debris.

5. Insert the new filter

   a. Take the new milk filter and insert it into the filter housing. Ensure it is placed securely and correctly.

6. Close the housing.

   a. Close and secure the filter housing, making sure it’s tightly sealed to prevent any milk from leaking.

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