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Changing Brushes

Changing Brushes

Change Brushes

Things needed: new brushes, hex key.

Brushes need to be changed every 30,000 milkings.

1. Take the robot out of operation with the robot screen.

2. Move the robot arm to the service position.

3. Select Tab

4. Test menu

5. Mothership

6. Other

7. Pre-treatment arm (on)

8. Loosen the 2 hex screens.

9. Remove the 2 brushes from the shaft.

10. Install the 2 new brushes on the shaft.

11. Tighten the 2 hex screws.

12. Select:

   a. Test

   b. Test menu

   c. Mothership

   d. Other

   e. Pre-treatment arm (off)

13. Move the robot arm back to the home position.

14. Put the robot back in operation using the robot screen.

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