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Checking Calves Health

Checking Calves Health

Observing Calves

Signs of a sick calf

- Leaves some feed/milk or quits eating entirely.

- Dull eyes, not alert, droopy ears.

- Scours

- Runny nose

- Dry nose

- Cough

- Swollen or puffy left side (bloat).

- Limping

- Unusual skin conditions.

- Temperature above 104.

- Are they anxious to eat? (Calves should be front and center to eat).

Check calves’ health.

- Everyday make sure calves are healthy and well bedded.

- Using flashlight and checking calf’s manure

- Do you smell ammonia or fresh scours?

- Do the calves get up when they see you coming? (In some cases, she may just be in a heavy sleep)

- Are they “bright eyed and bushy tailed?”

- How are the hair coats?

- Are the calves resting comfortably?

- Do you hear rough breathing?

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