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Clean Bottles

Clean Bottles

Clean milk bottles/buckets

- The first step of rinsing buckets, bottles or nipples, water must only be warm because hot water will cook milk proteins onto the surface, making them very hard to remove.

Cleaning milk bottles


- Take nipples off bottles.

- Place bottles and nipples into sink.

- Rinse bottles and nipples with warm water before milk has dried (this must be done to remove milk residue and is done easiest right after feeding).

- Scrub in hot water with a chlorinated detergent.

- Scrubbing with a brush, not just swishing the water around the bottle.

- Disinfect with an appropriate chemical.

- Submerge bottles and nipples into water and disinfectant for minimum 5 minutes.

- Allow bottles and nipples to air dry thoroughly before next use, spreading buckets and nipples out on dry racks, rather than stacking, will eliminate the moisture bacteria needs to grow on surfaces between milk feedings.

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