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Dehorning Calves

Dehorning Calves

Dehorn calves (am/weekly)

Things needed: dehorning tool, medication, scissors

Calves to be dehorned should be 2-8 weeks of age, healthy and eating well

A- Anti-inflammatory

a. Prior to dehorning, administer Metacam/Meloxidyl at 1.2cc/100 lbs by subcutaneous injection or Meloxiam Oral Suspension at 3 cc/100 lbs orally

B- Sedation

a. Calves are to be sedated by administering Rompun/Nerfasin at 0.5cc/100 lbs intramuscularly in the neck or hind quarters using a new 20g x 1 1/2” needle for each calf

b. Wait 5-10 minutes before proceeding to next step

C- Local Anesthetic

a. Each cornual nerve is to be blocked y instilling 5cc of Lidocaine HCI 2% on each side.

b. To make sure its in the correct location, use a new 18g x 1 ½” needle, penetrate the skin at the point of the depression behind the eye, aim the needle towards the opposite horn until you hit bone, the needle should be buried the full 1 1/2 “

c. Wait 5-10 minutes before proceeding to the next step

D- Dehorning

a. Using a pre-heated hot iron dehorner, burn the skin surrounding the horn bud until the ring of cauterization is uniformly copper in colour (7-15 seconds)

E- Extra teat removal

a. While sedate, check the udder of the calf for extra teats and remove them by cutting them off with a clean, sharp pair of scissors

This protocol has a 35 day meat withdrawal if using Meloxicam Oral Suspension or a 20 days meat withdrawal if using injectable Metacam/Meloxidyl

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