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Feeding Out of the Bunker

Feeding Out of the Bunker

Feeding out of the bunker

- When removing silage, always maintain a smooth face and minimize “digging” into the face of the silage.

- If tractor buckets are used for removing silage, they should remove feed carefully from top down and not by digging into the pile from the bottom or middle of the pile’s face

- When removing silage from the face of the pile, only the amount needed for the current feeding(s) should be removed. Unfed, excess feed quickly heats and deteriorates in quality

- The key is to remove an adequate amount of silage every day to keep the silage face “fresh”

Tips for mixing

- “From long and dry to short and wet”

- Order of load:

   o Straw and hay

   o grass

   o cereals

   o Minerals

   o Wet by products (brewer grain or beet pulp)

   o Corn silage

   o Water or other liquids

- Things that need more cutting (round or square bales) are loaded first

- Load feed into center of the wagon, between the augers

- When unloading, try not to drive over feed with wheels from tractor or mixer wagon

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