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Hand Mixing Milk Powder

Hand Mixing Milk Powder

Hand mixing milk powder

Things needed: buckets, calibrated scale, whisk or paint mixer, thermometer

1. Weigh

   a. Use a calibrated scale to weigh the powder needed to feed all the calves

2. Mix

   a. Fill the mixing container with half of the total volume of 110 degrees to 120 degrees water needed

   b. Pour the powder on top of the water

   c. Mix while adding the remaining water to reach the total volume to feed all the calves

   d. Inspect closely to ensure that all powder is thoroughly mixed

3. Feed

   a. Pour proper amount of milk into bottles or buckets

4. Temperature

   a. Target temperature of milk fed to calves should be 101 to 105 degrees

5. Thoroughly clean and sanitize equipment after each use

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