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How to Operate a Wheel Loader

How to Operate a Wheel Loader

Operating a wheel loader

1. Put on seatbelt

2. Position the bucket the right way, when you are driving a front end loader with a full bucket, be sure to position the bucket in a way that puts it just below the hood of the tractor. This will help with the best visibility and the most stability

3. When loading your front end loader bucket, make sure to fill it evenly to avoid imbalance, be sure not to overfill

4. When you are raising or lowering the bucket, be sure to move along at a slow and steady speed.

5. Keep your eyes open for any obstacles that may be in your way

6. Be careful when turning because the contents in the bucket may shift, which can then make the loader tip over

7. Always travel with the bucket in a lowered position, especially when the bucket is filled

8. Do not max out the vertical lift

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