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Juno Maintenance

Juno Maintenance

Push Up Feed/Monitor Juno

Juno Maintenance

Things needed: sandpaper, oil,


1. Check charging strips on Juno and electrodes on charger, clean with sandpaper to get rid of carbon buildup

2. Clean feed buildup from around charging station, especially under the wheels of the Juno.

   a. Hardened feed on the floor underneath the wheels can cause incomplete contact between the Juno and the charger

3. Check the “report list” on the main menu. Make note of any re-occurring problems or unusual reports. Call WCR for advice if needed


1. Check skirt height and adjust if necessary, feed should not be able to get underneath skirt and pack under the wheels

2. Check tire tread condition

3. Check chain tension and lubricate (Juno 150)

4. Check for any evidence of rodents, especially around the motors. Apply rodent control measures if needed

5. Carefully clean ultrasound sensor(s) with a damp cloth. The center white area of the sensor should be clean from dust, manure, feed and all other debris.

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