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Maintaining the Bunk Face

Maintaining the Bunk Face

Maintaining the bunk face

1. Pull back plastic

   a. Roll back bunker plastic on bunker for no more than 3 days of feeding at a time

   b. Weigh down the remaining plastic so the wind can’t blow underneath it, preventing oxygen from penetrating the silage under the plastic

2. Remove and throw away any spoiled feed under the plastic

3. If you are using a bucket to remove silage from the face, scrape the edge of the bucket down the face to accumulate the forage on the ground

4. Scratch the face to remove the exposed material

5. Remove from the top and continue towards the bottom

6. Remove at least 6 inches but do not remove more than needed

7. If possible, scratch the whole bunk face

8. At no time should more than 3 days worth of silage be exposed

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