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Mixer Wagon Maintenance

Mixer Wagon Maintenance

Mixer Wagon Maintenance

1. Bearings

   a. Keep bearings well greased

   b. make sure bearings are tight

2. Chains

   a. Clean off any dirt and grease that may have accumulated

   b. While cleaning the chain, take a moment to check sprockets for excessive wear or for evidence that the chain has not been riding properly on the sprocket

     i. This could be an indication that that there’s a misaligned sprocket, excessive chain elongation or you need to adjust the chain and make it tighter

3. Belts, check for cracks, proper tension and overall wear

4. Oil, check for leaks and make sure oil reservoirs are filled to the proper level

5. PTO

6. Knives

   a. Check inside the mixer and if the knives are beginning to look like butter knives, its time to change them

7. Hydraulic hoses

8. Scales

9. Greasing, universal joints, drive line bearings and door guides and linkages

10. Checking tire pressure

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