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Picking up Calf Milk from the Robot

Picking up Calf Milk from the Robot

Pick up calf milk from robot (am/pm)

Things needed: chemical, scrub brush.

   - Go into robot room that has M4USE.

   - Open the M4USE cover.

   - Take the bucket out of the frame that is filled with milk.

   - Bring to calf shed.

   - When finished feeding calves, rinse the bucket(s) out with cold water.

   - Use a drop of chemical (detergent or acid, NOT TOGETHER) and scrub the bucket(s) clean.

   - Rinse the bucket(s) out with warm water.

   - Return the bucket(s) back to the M4USE frame and close the cover.

   - Confirm emptying the bucket for empty bucket position on robot screen by pushing “Empty”.

   - Close the M4USE tab.

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