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Tagging Calves

Tagging Calves

Tag calves

1. Newborn calves are to be tagged and identified as soon as possible after birth and before they are moved to the calf area.

2. Ensure the calf is securely restrained.

3. Determine the gender of the animal (bulls get yellow tags/buttons).

4. Record the tag number you are about to install along with the animal’s data (date of birth, sex and premises ID).

5. Install the electronic button tag in the animal’s right ear and the visual tag in the left ear.

6. Position both tags close to the head in the first third (1/3) of the ear and between the 2 ribs (cartilage bands) of the ear.

7. The female part of the tag (black cap) sits at the front of the ear and the male part (the stem), at the back.

8. Use the green pin in the applicator.

9. Squeeze the handles together in one smooth motion. You will hear a loud click as the 2 halves of the tag come together.

10. Once the tag is in place, release the handles and pull the applicator away.

11. Between each tagging, disinfect the applicator with an antiseptic solution.

12. For retagging, it is better to use a new hole.

13. If a tag from your unused inventory shatters or breaks, put it aside and use another tag. Report the tag numbers involved to DairyTrace customer service.

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