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Training a Calf to Drink from a Bucket

Training a Calf to Drink from a Bucket

How to train a calf to drink from bucket

1. Using whole milk or milk replacer, pour the milk into the bucket that is already in place for the calf.

   a. Mix the normal amount of milk replacer the calf is eating.

2. Let the calf start to suck on your fingers and slowly guide its head down toward the milk in the bucket.

3. Help the calf understand that there is milk in the bucket and that it can drink the milk by putting your hand down into the bucket while the calf is still suckling on your finger.

   a. You may have to put your hand into the milk so the calf begins to suck it up as it suckles on your fingers

4. Leave your fingers in the calf’s mouth as it starts to suck the milk out of the bucket

5. Gradually remove your fingers and let the calf try to drink from bucket on its own

   a. If the calf stops drinking, replace your fingers and help it again

6. You may have to do step number 4 a few times over a couple of days, eventually the calf will realize that the milk is in the bucket, not attached to your fingers.

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