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Treating Cows

Treating Cows

Giving injections

1. Identify animal(s) that need an injection.

2. Retrieve the required supplies from the vet room while the animal(s) are locking up and eating.

3. Give the cow the correct treatment plan in Horizon

4. Clean hands thoroughly with soap and hot water before injections

5. Disinfect the top of the bottle with alcohol. Gently mix the bottle per the label to mix contents.

6. Draw up the required volume according to the label/veterinarian’s directions.

7. Use a fresh sterile needle and syringe for each injection.

8. Clean the injection site thoroughly with alcohol and a cotton gauze before administering. Do not inject through dirty skin!

Subcutaneous injections

1. Subcutaneous injections are given in the neck area

2. Use a 16-20 gauge needle, 1 inch long

Intramuscular Injections

1. Intramuscular injections are given in the caudal thigh (back of thigh)

2. Use a 16-20 gauge needle, 1.5 inch long

Intravenous injections

1. Intravenous injections are given into the jugular vein of the neck.

2. Use a 14-20 gauge needle, 1-2 inches long

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