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Vaccinating Cows

Vaccinating Cows

Vaccinating cows

1. All vaccinations need to be added to Horizon.

2. Heifers and cows are vaccinated at pre-determined ages or stage of gestation in order to safeguard their health of their unborn calves

3. Use a fresh needle for each injection

4. Identify animal(s) that need to be vaccinated.

5. Encourage animals to ‘lock up’ by placing feed on the far side of the available head locks

6. While animals are locking up, retrieve the supplies and appropriate vaccine from the fridge in the vet room.

7. Determine the correct area for the injection.

8. Clean the injection area with the alcohol and sterile gauze pad until the gauze comes away clean.

9. When finished giving the vaccinations, go outside of the holding area and release the headlocks. Do not release them from inside the pen as the cows may back up quickly and knock you over.

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