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The H&L Igloo

Calf shelter

Healthy Outdoor Housing

Around the world, housing calves in the natural climate outdoors is increasingly making friends. Natural-climate housing is tantamount to the maximum supply of fresh air. This is the only way in which a low bacteria load will express as a good state of health in the animals from the outset. Calves are able to easily adjust to changing climatic conditions. In America, this has been a practice for decades, with individual hutches.

However, since it is very time-consuming to address the individual needs of every calf, farmers all over the world have been looking for a combination of healthy natural-climate housing and the efficiency of raising calves in groups. The result of this search is the H&L Igloo, for up to 15 calves.

For more information, call Brian: 604-997-1522

Visit the official H&L Igloo website here

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