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Water Troughs

Water troughs for dairy cows

All your cows should have access to fresh water after being milked to maximize water intake.  With BSM Brand’s
tip trough your cows can have easy access to clean drinking water to keep them healthier and give more milk.

• Tip the trough to keep your cows  water supply clean.
• Protect your equipment investment by choosing our high quality, durable heavy gauge troughs.
• You can choose galvanized steel (in 4 , 6  and 8  sizes) or 6  stainless steel troughs.  If you need a tip trough
of another size, contact us and we will make a tip trough to fit your barn.
• Hi-flo float system which refills whenever the float drops.  Our float system has a steel guard that stops cows
from playing with the float mechanism.

For more information, call Brian: 604-997-1522

View the entire brochure here (PDF)

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