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Accessing Robotic Documentation

Robotic dairy farming can be overwhelming at first. All this new technology at your fingertips that is unfamiliar to you. Although our West Coast Robotics tech support is available 24/7, there are other ways of finding the information you may need.

On the T4C PC there is access to numerous robotic equipment manuals through the West Coast Robotics OneDrive. Operation manuals for the Astronaut, Juno, Vector, Jamesway Manure Systems, and more are available here. Whether you’re a new robotic dairy looking to learn more about your robotic equipment or an experienced robotic farmer who’s forgotten a step into completing a task, the information you seek could be a click away.

The customer documentation is located in ‘This PC – Local Disk (C:) – OneDriveData – OneDrive West Coast Robotics – Customer Documents’ as shown below. Here you will find the numerous amounts of folders and PDF’s that hold your robotic documentation.

The PDF’s are well structured and easy to look through. The appendix at the front will give a brief overlay of what is expected to be in the manual. By using the ‘CTRL + F’ function on your keyboard, you can search key words as well. Example below where ‘teat cup’ was searched for finding out how to adjust the teat cup height for doing a proper laser calibration.

This information is always available to you and is updated when new documentation or equipment comes out. If you’re having issues accessing the West Coast Robotics OneDrive or can’t find the solution to your robotic problem through these documents, then call the West Coast Robotics tech support.

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