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Acute Inactive & Distress (Calving) Alert

With Horizon it is possible to manage the notifications received on the mobile app. As this is being more and more known, we often receive questions related to notifications. We noticed some confusion about the acute inactive and the Distress (calving) alert in particular, which we will address in this post. Continue reading if you want to know what it means when these alerts are given, when they are given and what the differences are.

Acute inactive

To identify a cow with an acute health issue, we have the acute inactive alert. For this functionality, the eating minutes and/or the rumination minutes are used. When this notification is given, it means that the cow needs immediate attention because of a severe drop in eating and/or rumination minutes. The acute inactive alert is available for Nedap and SCR users. For Nedap users the alert can be generated for all cows in the herd independent of lactation stage. For SCR users, this alert cannot be generated around calving. Instead a Distress (calving) alert will be given. The acute inactive alert is shown in Report 10 and a push notification can be activated on the mobile app.

Distress (calving) alert

Cows can receive a Distress (calving) alert in the period 10 days before expected calving until 5 days after calving in the absence of rumination minutes. In case of a Distress (calving) alert, the cow needs immediate attention. When the alert is given, the farmer receives a push notification if this is enabled via the notification settings. The Distress (calving) alert is not shown in Report 10; however, it is very likely that this cow is on the health report because of the drop in rumination. Only SCR users can receive the Distress (calving) alert.

The parameters that are taken into account when giving the acute inactive and distress (calving) alerts are the same. The difference between the alerts is only in the name. The table below shows which tag has which functionality regarding the alerts.

Table 1: Overview Acute inactive & Distress (calving) alert


The threshold of the alerts can variate. If the tag has the parameters eating minutes and rumination minutes, the cow will pop up after approximately 6 hours after the first drop. If the tag only has one parameter (for example rumination only) the cow will pop up after approximately 11 or 12 hours after the first drop.


In the example below the eating minutes and rumination minutes dropped in the yellow marked period (acute inactive). The farmer got a push notification after 6 hours (halfway the drop). The goal of the notification is that a cow needs help/medication as fast as possible to improve the chances of recovering.

For more information or questions, contact your FMS Specialist

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