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We are all too familiar with updates… and don’t we love them?! Those of you who have already migrated to the new Horizon software and have started to use it, might’ve noticed that there’s rather frequent updates. This comes as part of the way Horizon was built and the ease to push updates. It is now easier to quickly fix minor bugs or improve the user experience.

To keep up with what’s new in the latest updates, you can easily find the release notes by clicking on the “? “at the top right of your dashboard in Horizon. You will see the link to the Release Notes. This will take you to a webpage where you can review each version’s update. It is also categorized between new features, model improvements, general fixes, or future developments and workarounds. So, you can review if Lely has made your long lost wish happened. If not, keep the hopes up and send your general issues or wishes to your FMS team so we can push those up to the powers that be!

Watch the video below to learn where you can find the Release Notes!

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