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Are you living in 2023 or in the prehistoric era?

As we approach 2024 and some farm computers are from the prehistoric era, maybe its time to consider an upgrade. PC requirements change quickly and is more prominent with the onboarding of Horizon. If your computer runs ‘slow’ and is frustrating, then it’s not a bad idea to follow these steps to check out your PC’s specifications.

  1. Right click on the task bar at the bottom of the screen

  2. Click on 'Task Manager'

3. Click on 'Performance'

Here you will see most of the computer’s specs. An easy way to diagnose if your computer is reaching a point of upgrading or replacing is looking at the amount of memory the computer has. If your computer is down at the 8GB mark, it’s time for some change. More than likely if the computer is down at 8GB of ram then the other components also are falling behind.

The image below shows specs required for a farm with 2 robots, 1 CU, 1 LDn Controller, and 120 cows.

Note how the memory requirements are up to 32GB of ram.

The Horizon PC is one of the most vital pieces of equipment on the farm. Ideally, they should be replaced around the 5-year mark to keep up with specification requirements. A new PC that would suffice for most of the robotic dairies out there will be around the $1,900 mark. XL farms will be more of course.

If your computer is running behind feel free to reach out to the technical team or your account manager for more information on what can be done.

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