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Are your brushes cleaning and disinfecting?

How to verify if the right amount of chemical is going on your brushes and keeping your cows clean:

As a part of the weekly maintenance on a robot it is important to confirm the right amount of brush-disinfection is spraying on the brushes. White foam on the ground is a good indication that there is chemical present, but is there enough? Or possibly too much? The test strips are the most accurate way to tell if there is an adequate amount of brush disinfection.

Currently there are two types of test strips available. Both are easy to use but have a slightly different procedure in testing. The easiest way to identify what strips are being used it by looking at the bottle. Type 1 and Type 2 as shown below.

Type 1 Type 2

Both types will require brush-disinfection from the robot. The easiest way to acquire this is to do the following.

Go to:

- Test Menu

- Cleaning

- Pre Treatment

- Turn on Brush Cleaning

Instructions for Type 1:

- Fill a container with half brush-disinfection solution and half water

- Make sure solution is thoroughly mixed

- Dip test strip in for 1 second

- Wait 30 seconds for results

Instructions for type 2:

- Fill a container with just brush-disinfection

- Dip test strip in for 1 second

- Wait 15 seconds for results

Once the time has elapsed and the strip has changed colour, compare the test strip to the reference chart on the side of the bottle. Each bottle has its own reference chart and the strip should be between 400-600 for Type 1 or 0.4% to 0.6% for Type 2.

If this criteria is not met call your west coast robotics service team for the assistance you may require.

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