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BC's First Astronaut A5

Riverwyk Farms just outside of Agassiz is the home of BC's first A5

On April 10th, Lely announced the newest milestone in milking: the Astronaut A5. Using the platform of its predecessor, the A4, the newest milking robot would be faster, quieter, and less expensive to run. Extensively tested and refined, the A5 is set to be the world's best automatic milking machine.

Now late November, the first batch of A5 robots have been delivered at the shop, and the first A5 startup has taken place at Riverwyk Farms just outside of Agassiz. Don & Terri VanderWyk have been milking with a single A4 robot for just over 8 years, and decided to expand their operation and install a second bot. Although the A4 has been proven to be reliable, they decided to go with the new A5 to double their capacity. A few days in and the system is ticking along as expected. Check out some of the photos below and watch a short video of the robot in action!

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